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Laundry Room




$2.25 / LB

Wash & Fold

*$19 Minimum

Wash and Fold

It may feel overwhelming juggling your job, housework, school, and still making time for your family everyday. Although we can't increase the number of hours in the day, we can decide what to do with those hours.


Luckily, just as you may outsource your lawn care services to a landscaper, you can have Park Road Cleaners fulfill all your laundry needs for you with our Wash and Fold service! 

What is Wash and Fold?

Wash and fold is a service where you drop off your dirty clothes at a dry cleaner or laundromat to be cleaned, folded neatly, and bagged for your convenience. 

It's as easy as throwing your dirty clothes in a bag and dropping it off to be cleaned. 

For those who are too busy to stop in, we can come pick up your laundry and deliver them back to you at your home or work at no extra cost with our pickup and delivery service.

Pickup and delivery also applies to your dry cleaning items as well.

How much does Wash and Fold Cost?

Wash and fold services are priced per pound and this applies to your jeans, t-shirts, gloves, sweatpants, and undergarments—pretty much anything that doesn't need to be dry cleaned!

Bedding items are priced per piece and depending on its size.


  • Full/Twin - $25

  • Queen - $30

  • King - $35

Comforters (Down):

  • Full/Twin - $35

  • Queen - $40

  • King - $45

Note: The reason why down comforters cost extra is due to the extra care needed to wash and the extra time needed to dry these items. 


  • Small - $15

  • Medium - $18

  • Large - $20

When you stop in for wash and fold, one of our care professionals will weigh your bag and give you a price and a time to pick up your clothes.

On average, people spend around $20-$30 for a family of two. This includes only the essentials and excludes bedding items like comforters and blankets.

How long does Wash and Fold take?

Wash and fold services generally take around 1 to 3 business days depending on the amount of clothes and the time of day you bring them to us. We love doing laundry here and we take the time needed to ensure your clothes are carefully cleaned and folded with care.

Same and next day services can be offered during low-volume seasons and we will make accommodations if there's an emergency. 

Pickup and delivery days are Mondays and Thursdays. If we pick up your clothes on Monday then we will deliver them on Thursday. Same with picking up on Thursday as clothes are delivered on Monday. 

It is FREE to sign up, so request a pickup today!

If you have any other questions before signing up, call us at (860) 232-2443. 



Times get tough when that new washer doesn't seem to be cleaning your clothes as effectively or when that 10 year old dryer takes too long to dry your clothes.


Alternatively, if you're like many Americans, your house cannot fit a washer and dryer or you don't feel like buying one to deal with the maintenance or the initial cost of buying them.

That's where we come in.

When laundry is backed up, you don't feel like using that small washer to throw in load after load. Here at Park Road Cleaners we have medium and large washers that hold significantly more than residential washers.

People also come to us to save on their water and heating bills, as our low cost washers and dryers along with flexible hours provide great value for the family.

Park Road Cleaners has three types of washers: small, medium, and large and one type of dryer.

Our laundromat hours are 7am to 7:30pm on weekdays and 8am to 6pm on weekends.

The last wash is 6pm on weekdays and 4:30 on weekends.

Laundromat Prices

Here's a breakdown of our prices.


  • Small - $3.00

  • Medium - $5.25

  • Large - $8.00


  • Every 6 minutes - $0.25

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